Where will be events against TTIP & Co. in IT at the 15th of May? - Twitter hashtag: #stopTTIP

If someone here could and would embed the protestmap exactly here and that with focus on IT, it would be very appreciated !

Please do an entry of your planned event early, so that also others can participate.

If you need any help: report it!.

Please don't forget to give contact information. Thx! :-)

What we wish? A lot of colorful, creative events with a broad coalition of action! Because together we can reach a lot ! The topic is supposed to be in the focus - not political parties.

We call to sent off extreme right-wing groups. Extreme right-wing views won't be tolerated at our demos! No inch of ground for inhuman views!

Overview of all events - alphabetical orderEdit

Please set up new demo locations with the following template: Template:IT:Demo. And please always keep data up to date ! :-)

Example-City Edit

  • Demo location: → Example-City - main railroad station
  • Local start time: → 13:00 - 16:00
  • Route: → ??
  • Guy Fawkes mask: → Yes, it's allowed
  • Contact: → Max Exampleman
  • E-mail: → 
  • Twitter: → 
  • Website: → 
  • Facebook: → 
  • Mailinglist: → 
  • Flyer templates: → 
Details: → What exactly is planned? What has to be taken care of? ...?

Rome Edit

Details: → conferenza stampa presso la Camera dei Deputati ed appello ai parlamentari ed ai candidati alle Elezioni Europee 2014