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Not on the map yet RO: Bucharest (no FB group)

Not on the map yet - more info are required

Already on the map - must be updated

(date of last update)

AUT: Linz (FB-Event-Page:; website:;)

IT: Rome (tentative! -- Aràm) 

DE: Göttingen (relate FB event group or wiki)

DE: Berlin (relate FB event group or wiki)

DE: Hamburg

DE: Hannover (relate FB event group or wiki) De: Halle (Saale) pending official stamp

DE: Köln

DE: Schwerin

Already on the map

SE: Linköping

- [It looks like the event is private - I cannot enter it !!!] -- oh, you're right; that wasn't like that a couple of hours ago... hm... shall the link stay in the google protestmap like that or better be taken out, as long as it's like that ? =/ ...

PL: Warsaw (27.03.2014 at 6 pm)

DE: Würzburg (26.4.)